TomTom GPS Software - A buying Guide

By Peter R Cutforth

Most of us have heard about GPS systems, but don't know a lot about the various brands, like Garmin, Navman, or Tomtom GPS software. The latter provides GPS solutions for a wide number of applications, including navigation in your car, on a motorcycle, from your phone or PDA or at the office.

You simply need to purchase a GPS receiving device for the application you want to use GPS for, and install the appropriate software. For instance, if you wanted to use your Treo or other SmartPhone as a GPS system, you'd buy what's called a Mobile 5 unit. This unit connects with your phone via BlueTooth, and gives you access to maps, door to door navigation instructions that stay onscreen while you take calls, and a handy, intuitive interface.

Tomtom GPS software can either purchased separately from your GPS unit or bundled with a GPS receiver. A DVD containing this software is usually around a hundred and fifty US dollars. That's not a lot to spend if you want to ensure that you always know how to get where you need to be.

Many softwares lets users update maps on the go, and share their new information. This means that if you hit an unexpected spot of construction or other obstacle, you can tell other users about it. That way, the maps always stay up to date. Also, unlike many other computerized directions, Tomtom GPS software will work almost anywhere in the world that you can receive a signal.

GPS software can be purchased online, or from most major electronics stores. You can purchase it with a GPS device, or, if you already have a compatible one, buy the software separately. These GPS Units and software are a great way to always know where you're going, no matter where you are.

Peter Cutforth is an internet author and GPS user, living in Brisbane Australia! Ebay often has some great deals on Tomtom GPD products.

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