Asset Management Software for SME / SMB

Construction Software - Data recover software Product: Data recover software

Company:  Data Recovery Download
Description:Company provides iPod data recovery software that restores data lost due to improper iPod device usage

Sector: Account & Finance Industry: Construction Function: Asset Management

E-Commerce Software - files restore Product: files restore

Company:  windows restore
Description:Website offers file restore program for easily restoring corrupted files and folders.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: E-Learning Function: Asset Management

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product: Fixed Assets Manager
Company: Red Moon Solutions

Fixed Assets Manager is an easy to use, accurate, flexible financial reporting tool used to manage, track, and support all of your depreciation compliance, reporting and planning needs. Depending on the size of the asset portfolio, the financial impact of these asset management challenges can be significant resulting in incorrect profits, income taxes, property taxes, insurance overpayments and poor purchasing decisions. In addition, because fixed assets is often considered a low-value area to focus on within a corporation, the lack of controls and documented processes are not in place, putting them at risk for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Sector: Data Management Industry: Business Function: Asset Management

CAFM Explorer Asset Management Software Product: CAFM Explorer
Company: FMx Ltd.
CAFM Explorer includes functionality for Help Desk, PPM, Asset Management, Property Management, Budgeting and Cost Control, Space Management (linking with AutoCAD 2006) and Room Booking.

Sector: Application Development Industry: Business Function: Asset Management

Web Work Asset Management Software Product: Web Work
Company:  Tero Consulting Ltd.
Web Work Manage and maintain critical assets in Military, Govt., Manufacturing, Industrial, Facility and Fleet applications. Web Work is extremely powerful yet easy to use.

Sector: Application Development Industry: Business Function: Asset Management

Company: Synergy Information Systems Inc
Coherent Asset Tracking manages both fixed physical assets such as boilers, tables, desks, chairs, etc. utilizing the latest bar coding technologies, and the sharing of various types of equipment among people and departments. Whiteboards, laptop computers, all types of a/v equipment can be managed thru a flexible and user-friendly interface.

Sector: Application Development Industry: Business Function: Asset Management

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