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Being a public organization that serves people and offers services to help them, it is quite natural to have enquiries regarding what you do, what you sell, etc. While running an office, you must be making payments to a certain number of people including your employees. In order to keep a check on various payments made or to be aware of the latest enquiry, you must store them in a record.

Very small offices, say with up to five or ten employees do not necessarily need to manage much, but if you hold a bigger organization then you must be looking for software that can manage all your enquiries and payment follow-up? Try EQMS by Spectrum Info Solutions which is specially designed to manage enquiries as well as payment follow-up.

Lead management software, EQMS is an easy-to-use tool for all sales opportunities, enquiries or leads from all channels like direct marketing, website, phone calls, e-mails and other lead generation channels that come to a common location to give a unified view of all the prospects, their follow-ups and other necessary details. Thus EQMS helps a sales professional in understanding and managing the leads better and then to take the necessary actions.

Like other products developed by Spectrum, EQMS too is ready-to-install product and caters to a variety of industry segments. Available in three editions - Basic, Standard and Lite, EQMS is just ideal for an executive carrying a laptop. While Basic and Standard editions are equipped with all of the common features of enquiry and lead management software, Lite edition is for them who first wish to use and try the advantage of EQMS.

Go to the company's website Lead Management Software and know all the features of EQMS. Get the software now and stop struggling to maintain your enquiries/leads in Excel. Working with EQMS is the best way to plan for a more organized way to manage your sales and leads.

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