Data protection – A big challenge for Indian SMEs

According to industry experts, one of the big challenges for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India is data security. A survey by Deloitte states that privacy incidents and breaches demanding customer notification often occurred in organizations. According to the survey results, more than 35% respondents faced 6-10 privacy incidents while over 43% experienced about 10 incidents in a period of one year.

CA Technologies, India, Director, Channel Sales, Vijayanth Rai, echoed that business growth is possible only when SMEs can help customers have a secured connection to the business applications when they want. The access should be secure and at the same time easy for employees and partners.

For data protection, it is vital that SMEs take to key technologies like cloud, Virtualization, and mobile. Not only would these technologies enable them to quickly respond to market and competitive environment but also render the clients a peace of mind.

According to Intuit India, Vice President and Managing Director, Nikhil Arora, small and medium enterprises should understand their vendor/supplier technology. It requires them to exercise diligence and look at the finer details like the history and record of accomplishment of the vendor. Nikhil suggests SMEs to adapt to any product in a phased manner. In short, start slow and escalate to store confidential stuff later.

Globally, growing SMEs and large companies are increasingly facing a threat to protect mission-critical business information. The risk of getting an access to valuable business intelligence, for instance, due to lack of printer-based security, can expose the company, its customers, employees, and partners to innumerable risks and costs.

For a modern SME, waiting for a security crisis to take place before installing the required technology is not an option. Many SMEs are preparing in advance to protect their vital data from an outer threat. Have you explored the options yet?

Adapted from an article, “SMEs need right security solutions to protect data”, published in SME Times.

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