Enterprise Resource Management Solutions (eRMS)

Enterprise Resource Management Solutions (eRMS)
Company: Enterprise Resource Management Solutions (eRMS)

Company Overview:

Enterprise Resource Management Solutions (eRMS) is a flagship product of ADISYS SOFTWARE Pvt Ltd., an eSecurity product development and software services company. eRMS offers a unified software application platform that is capable of managing multiple applications concerning physical and logical security of a company / business.

eRMS, designed on open source technologies, provides one stop solutions that meets security and automation needs of companies operating in diverse industries. The modules help with complete and smooth integration, increased efficiency, elimination of database duplication, and great savings in the optimization of the work force and time spent.

The products and applications provided by eRMS are useful for the following industries:
  • Corporate/IT/BPO/Manufacturing industries
  • Financial institutions and banks
  • Education institutes/ Schools/Colleges
  • Health care institution/Hospitals
  • Retail organizations/Stores
  • Housing complex/Clubs

eRMS Modules include:
  • eRMS Timeline - Time & Attendance Management of Human Resources with Integrated Payroll Management
  • eRMS IAM - Identity Management and Access Control to multiple locations
  • eRMS Patrol - Guard Patrol Monitoring with route map of premises/location.
  • eRMS VizTrack – Visitor Management Solutions with document scanner integration

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